Strengthening Storytelling by promoting and teaching the art of story among

young tellers

- Mission Statement

Next Submissions Due the first Friday in March!!

To empower the nation’s youth through storytelling - Vision

The National Youth Storytelling Showcase (NYSS) has seen 25 years of Excellence!

The Showcase, held around Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference and Festival, is the culmination of many hours of storytelling and competitions for youth tellers from across the nation.

Each year, thousands of youth across the country participate in storytelling competitions in schools, libraries, and communities. The top finalists move on to tell their stories at storytelling festivals and related events. Each state submits their top five youth storytellers to the National Youth Storytelling Showcase via electronic recording.

From those submissions, eight to ten youth storytellers are selected to be the National Torchbearers and are invited to travel to Utah in early September to gather, learn, perform, and celebrate their accomplishments at their own expense. Afterward, these talented youth will represent youth storytelling as Storytelling Ambassadors for the next year.


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National Youth Storytelling Showcase

NYSS Torchbearers 2016